Billings Stores – Billings Consortium Limited

Billings Stores

Welcome to the Billings Consortium Limited also known as Billings Stores. The Billings Consortium, as the name implies, is a Consortium – a group of companies that specialise in offering the following products;

1. New and used Mobile phones.

2. New and used Multifunction Printers.

3. New Books.

4. New and used Laptops.

5. Used Cars.

And services such as;

1. Domain Name Registration.

2. Web Design and Hosting (Web Development).

3. Business Name Registration and Incorporation.

4. Educational Consultancy Services.

5. Internet Cafe Services.

6. General Computer Services such as Typing, Photocopy, Scanning, Editing, Printing, Book Publishing,

And other ancillary products and services. To get the full range of our products and services, reach us on +2348110765784 or +2347030283107.

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